Origens Spa | Face Treatments
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Face Treatments

Skin cleansing

Deep cleansing of the face to remove all impurities from the skin in order to receive the most appropriate treatment. Vaporization, extraction and high frequency are used.

Treatments for mature, dehydrated, dry, sensitive and oily skin

Specific face treatments according to need and technical evaluation.


Become 10 years younger in just 5 minutes.

New treatment with visible results just in the first session.

Coolifting consists of the introduction of hyaluronic acid with the high pressure of CO2 at low temperature. For this reason the effect is immediate mainly on superficial wrinkles. We always advise a series of 8 sessions one per week followed by monthly maintenance.

Coolifting - Antiaging treatment


Combats sagging by stimulating collagen and elastin fibers. The skin surface becomes smoother with a rejuvenated, long-lasting appearance.

The trial and demo are free so you don’t miss out on experimenting. When purchasing the Packs, we are granting payment facilities.

You can choose to buy packs of 6 or 12 sessions.